Sunday 21st May

Dry start but not for long. It gave us a chance to see the white tailed eagle in the tree near the nest. Ringed plover and common seals. Great northern diver and common gulls. The rain came down and we set off to see what was about. a white tailed eagle flew onto the shore and a female hen harrier flew across the hillside in the brief let up in the rain. We had planned to include a walk today so we decided to abandon that idea and go look for otters. we drove around the loch but no sign. more red throated divers and red breasted merganser. Our lunch spot and we had just got out of the minbus when an otter was spotted. as everyone was watching the otter and other appeared a dog otter this time. We watched for a long time as he climbed out on the rocks and rolled around. went fishing and ate a large fish on the shore. the female otter came across very close to the dog otter and we waited to see what would happen. nothing. they just carried on fishing and ignored each other. While all this was happening the day had changed completely. the clouds lifted and the day was dry. We headed for the hills. a whinchat and a stonechat on the way. Red deer in the hills and a cuckoo calling. in fact they were everywhere. three flew across the road in front of us. A slight detour through the celtic rainforest and a cuppa and cake. lapwing, meadow pipits, common seals. Then a white tailed eagle flew right over us. brilliant. another juvenile flew across then two golden eagles flew very close across the hill in front of us. and the white tailed eagle flew back over us. wonderful, eagles everywhere. Last couple of stops, willow warbler, red deer, buzzard with its prey, swallows skimming the fields and common seals. Oh and the sun. Jacqui and Mike