Sunday 1st October

October came roaring in, high winds and torrential rain, Mike joined me today on the tour. We decided to go ahead as our guests had one day only to see Mull. Off we went, a brief gap in the rain for our first stop and lots to see. Redshank, greenshank, oystercatcher, common gull, common seals, buzzard, curlew and red breasted merganser. Otters were requested so we headed off to a very stormy Loch na Keal. We drove slowly along looking in vain. Finally one spotted so we parked up with the minibus sheltering us to watch. What a treat,he came towards us and headed for the river. He worked his way up in the foaming river coming out onto a hill occasionally giving us great entertainment. another seen a smaller otter.we think the male was in lurve, he seemed to be franticly following the scent of the female. Two dippers looked comical as they stretched their necks to see where the otter was. We watched for about an hour,wonderful. Still pouring so we headed to see what else was around. the waterfalls were spectacular and the storm exiting. Red deer everywhere including a magnificent stag with his ladies. he was roaring in the hills. Heading back and it was agreed that this was a very good day despite the rain. Jacqui and Mike.