Sunday 19th May

A bit cooler today and lots to see, eider, common seals, common sandpiper and a cuckoo calling.

Golden eagle at our next stop. brief as it flew across the hill, common and an Atlantic grey seals.

Wheatear meadow and rock pipits, golden eagles giving us a good show flying around the nest area and landing on the rocks. raven and hooded crows annoying them

White tailed eagle on the nest and flying while we had our lunch

An otter swimming and fishing, it came ashore for a short time but gave us a good look. lovely

More Eagles in the hills again in an out of the nest and sitting on the hillside.

Next stop a hen harrier food pass and the female flew around for quite a while, quite a day.

Last stop of the day was two white tailed eagles on the top of a tree and two chicks half hidden on the nest. they are growing well.