Sunday 18th June

A dry day at last, well nearly. Shouldnt complain, the light is beautiful over the wild flowers and green hills.the moody skies are stunning. ¬†Wild orchids allover the grass verges. Our day started with common seals, a great northern diver and white tailed eagles. baby rabbits and lots of greylag geese with goslings. Short eared owls and hen harriers were great today, with two male hen harriers showing their pale grey and white with the black wingtips. The short eared owls were lovely hunting across the ground and sitting on posts. they really are lovely birds. Kestrel carrying food to its mate, red deer stags and hind in the hills, curlew flying by. just a few of the great things seen today. The mum and cub otters were gorgeous. swimming, playing for ages then went to sleep on the seaweed. Another two on rocks further on. White tailed eagle in a tree and wheatear everywhere. Skylarks, black guillemot, red breasted merganser, and a little grebe added to our list. Our last stop of the day and another white tailed eagle on the shore. Golden eagles flew from the nest and sat on the rocks for us. perfect end to a lovely day. Jacqui