Sunday 17th September

Well what a great day from start to finish. Our day started cool and sunny, very soon it was hot and sunny. first white tailed eagle was on the way back from Tobermory. I hadnt even collected all my guests. All on board and off to see the white tailed eagle in the tree, lots of waders including ringed plover and golden plover. Heading round the bay for our cuppa. A white tailed eagle flew close by and went to try and catch a duck on the sea. several times it flew onto it and the duck ducked! giving up the eagle sat on a rock. All this going on as two otters slept on a rock close by. Red throated divers, slavonian grebe, gannets, red breasted merganser and a couple of distant golden eagles. Our day continued with eagles, and another otter. Red deer in the hills. Our last couple of stops and a male hen harrier, two female hen harrier. That was an excellent day. Jacqui and Mike