Spring is sprung

Spring is just a special time, so much going on out there in the wild. A little gem of normality in this uncertain time.

We have been highly entertained with all the nesting birds in the garden. Young sparrows flying round in gangs and open mouths waiting for mum and dad. There has been a pair of pied wagtail coming in to feed. they must be nesting close by.

We have watching the progress of a Starling family nesting under the eaves of the house. close to the kitchen window. We were delighted to see them fledge yesterday.

The Garden is looking really lovely, Mike has been busy tidying and spending time in the green house growing the veg seeds and planting up the garden. The colours are beautiful. The bottom of our garden has been left to nature. Its a woodland area, not big but enough to give it a real woodland feel. The trees are mostly out in leaf and there are Bluebells, star of Bethlehem and primroses. The Rowen’s and Hawthorn in the garden are so lovely and just out in flower, with that honey scent flowing round. Elderflowers next and time to make cordial.

Our now daily late evening stand in the garden is getting a bit tricky especialy when there is no breeze. The midgies have arrived so we manage a few minutes then head for the kitchen window to watch for the owls. Most nights we see Barn and Tawny owls, We hear snipe drumming and curlew calling. The weather has been gorgeous but now changed to warm and damp. Great growing weather for the vegetables but the birdsong has been less.

The big surprise for us was the Hawfinch in the garden a week ago. Stunning bird. I nearly choked on my cornflakes. As I write this it has just appeared again. 

We are getting out and about locally, its quiet for otters. We expected to see more about as we do in winter. Others around Mull are saying the same. It could be mums are away in their holts in the hills having young or there is more food about for them. I am sure we will be seeing them soon. There is one in Salen bay that we see fairly regularly. Lovely to watch a pair of spotted flycatcher displaying and carrying nesting material. Lots of warblers around, we saw a lovely Whitethroat yesterday and we have had Garden warbler in the Garden! Grasshopper warbler calling in the fields next to the house. There are still a few Great Northern divers around. The red deer are heading up hill, partly due to the flies being around. 

We are still on lockdown for another week then things will start to move. Mike has a fishing rod waiting to get wet. We are really looking forward to doing the loops of Mull to see how all the wildlife is doing. 

Stay safe and enjoy the wildlife on your doorstep.

Jacqui and Mike