Saturday 30th September

Day off today as our self caterers are in for two weeks, Myself, Mike and our 2 friends Cyn and Alan though we would guess what! go wildlife watching. What a day it was, almost straight away we watched 2 otters, they were feeding off shore and swimming they then came on shore and we spent some time enjoying watching them. A white tailed sea eagle was on the rocks, usually 2 but we waited a while and no other joined it. An otter was running around on the rocks as well. A late wheatear flying around. not seen them for a few days now all moving off for winter. The afternoon was equally as good with three otters. we saw the first with an other, then one came in from the back of the rock. quite funny really as we were all talking about different otters. in different directions. A white tailed eagle over us in the mountains and golden eagle. Hen harriers at our last stop two female and one male. perfect. Jacqui.