8th November Its a wet and very windy Sunday so we can either stay inside at home and do useful things like bookwork and all those jobs around the house that really need doing, or we can make a packed lunch and disappear into the wild wet yonder. Ten minutes later we’re watching two otters through the driving rain running around on a rocky outcrop just offshore, behind them some distance away Jacqui spots a white tailed eagle sitting forlornly on an island. On we go to our next stop where I let Jacqui get out of our nice warm mini bus to make coffee (no need for both of us to get wet is there). Here we see two male hen harrier and one female hunting in the now not so heavy rain, we drive on passing mixed flocks of blackbird and thrush stopping only to look at a group of at least eight whooper swans taking shelter from the wind. We arrive at eagle corner  and soon find all three members of the white tailed eagle family  perched in the trees. Ten minutes later the female took off and flew over us giving great views of her and the very brave kestrel that was mobbing her. We drove home to Dungallen along Loch na Keal  with two more close sightings of otter, once home in our warm and cosy cottage I make Jacqui a nice cup of tea (I don’t mind doing my bit!) So next time you feel the urge to do all those jobs that need doing……….. grab your flask and go. mike.IMG_9853