Rainbow month

I just love this time of year, the skies are moody and the rainbows are beautiful. We have seen clear nights with the Milky Way over our house. I have downloaded an app to learn about the stars. its works well although it took me a while to realise that I needed to set our location. Wondered why we were facing the wrong way!


The stags are still strutting around with their ladies, they are a bit quieter now but its been a great rut. Mike and I watched two stags squaring up and clashing antlers. at least another three stags were hanging around, a nature programme on our doorstep. This photograph was taken in the early morning mist behind our house.

There are so many different fungus popping up everywhere, This gorgeous Fly Agaric is poisonous but has to be admired. 

We took a trip to Oban as we had a few things we needed to do including getting my glasses repaired. This was the first time off Island since february. What a lovely run, taking the long way round via the Fishnish ferry and made a day of it. Very showery giving us lots of rainbows. A stop on the way home by the side of Loch Linnhe for a cuppa and an otter appeared in the bay fishing. 


An afternoon on loch na Keal is always worth doing. This otter was struggling with an eel for quite some time. We watched it as it lost it off the rock , dived in and started to eat, ad kept going and going untill we guess it was full. It had a swim then returned to the rock for a scratch and a stretch. While sitting watching the otter I had the company of a Wren and a Robin. 


We are now seeing our wintering birds returning such as the Great northern divers, slavonian grebe and a rare treat of a Grey plover. We watched a Whooper swan fly over yesterday and there are lots of Pink foot geese high in the sky. Salen bay has Redshank, greenshank, Bartailed Godwit and teal. There are golden plover, ringed plover and Turnstone on the shingle banks. Small flocks of mixed birds around in the trees, the call of the longed tailed tits and Goldcrest is very high pitch they are usually heard before seen. 

Mike and I are busy catching up on jobs at home, hedge cutting today and house painting when we have a sunny spell. Mike is turning wood and has made a gorgeous lamp. I am silk painting and have sold a few scarves.  


The Island is much quieter now, the nights are drawing in and the Autumn colours are coming fast. it is our time to relax and get out and about for walks. Its been a strange season for everyone and hope for a different year next year.