Rainbow day

Last day of September and a very good tour. The forecast was very good for today and our first stop was in sunshine at first!! the showers built and when the came wow did it rain. Didnt stop us seeing some great wildlife. A very quick view of an otter as I scanned for eagles. Eagle seen sitting on an island. Other highlights of the day, Morning gave us red throated divers, ringed plover , widgeon, slavonian grebe, A rainbow or two, otter running on the rocks and staying for a long time rolling around. A lovely White tailed eagle flying as we watched it circled and flew over the hillside. We kept looking and a juvenile white tailed eagle flew across the hillside and landed on a dead sheep, we watched as it enjoyed its meal. Our afternoon and another white tailed eagle in a tree and red deer on the hills, stags gathering their hinds. eider, male and female. Stone chats sitting high on stalks and one wheatear , not many seen now as they are all heading south. Heading for the hills through the most gorgeous rainbows. We stopped to look for golden eagles and the rain came down. giving up we headed to another area and a great spot of a golden eagle on the ridge. the sun shone on it between the showers, lovely. Our last stop and more red deer, a lovely pale buzzard and long tailed tits in the trees behind us. Quote of the day, I would rather see rain on the hill than sunshine in the office. p1100447p1100451