Mondays tour 24th October

Not many tours now as the season draws to a close. The wildlife is still out there, with a lovely view of a golden eagle in the sun today. The patches on the wings were off white showing it must be about three years old. We had two white tailed eagles sitting off the shore on a small island. Ringed plover and lots of herons. Other highlights of the day were red throated diver, great northern diver, stone chat, green shank and red shank. We saw lots of red deer, the roaring seems to be dying down now. We did watch a young red deer stag move into an area with a big older stag with his hinds. they played a bit of hide and seek around the bushes and the youngster moved away. He didnt seen worried as he was munching grass as he went. During the day we were also treated to two male hen harrier, they really are a beautiful bird and a joy to watch as they hunt the fields. A snoozing otter in the sun decided to lift its head for a brief look then went back to sleep. With the sun shining and the autumn colours at their best Mull looked so beautiful from the sea to the mountains. 20161024_161048 20161024_165603