Monday May 29th

A dry start gave us the chance to see the white tailed eagles on the treetop over the nest. and there it was the chick its head popping up to be fed. Turnstone,ringed plover and lots of common seals lounging about on the islands. Common gull and Greylag and canada geese. Coffee time was shortened by the midges, we decided to move further on were there was a breeze. Before we left we did have lovely views of short eared owls, sitting on posts and flying. Willow warbler calling in the trees. Heading for the hills the weather was closing in. Red deer on the mountain and the fantastic sight and sound of a snipe drumming above us. Off to lunch and the search for otters. Very low tide and no otters. One of my guests said they had seen otters further on so we went to look. Driving along the shore line and a distant animal crossing. thought it may be a hare at first then I could see it was an otter.We stopped at distance and another otter was close to the shore. We were in a bad place to stop so we headed off toe get in front of the running otter. strange behavior. it was really running fast across rock. as it disappeared behind the headland we went in front and picked it up in the sea. still heading away in a hurry. not sure what it was up to. Turning round we looked again for the other otter but no sign. The rain was heavy now so we started to head back. the day as always was going far to quickly. Into the hills again, more red deer distant large bird flying. Our last couple of stops were good as the rain started to ease a little. Buzzard flying, bull finch and short eared owls again. a good finish for everyone who had stayed happy even in our wet and midgy day. Jacqui