Monday 7th May

Well the weather forecast was was spot on with a very wet start to our day. The hills were gorgeous as the clouds started to lift. Our first stop was great with lots of shore birds ,dunlin in their breeding finery, ringed plover, curlew, common sandpiper and turnstone. common gull and terns. We stayed a while hoping for the white tailed eagles to show but they were probably keeping out of the rain. It didnt put the otter off as it swam right past us with a huge fish. we had a brilliant view as it came out on shore to eat. common seals on the islands. what a great first stop in the rain. Hen harrier briefly, a male. and red deer. good place for our coffee break. Into the hills and male and female hen harrier, at least 6 buzzards on a thermal. we carried on a little further to see a golden eagle in its Aerie. The partner bird flew in and landed so we put the telescope on it. gorgeous. Otter number 2 fast asleep on the seaweed, then another swimming and fishing in the river. Lunch on the bay and the weather was clearing with sunshine. White tailed eagle on her nest, buzzards and raven at our next stop then off through the glen to Loch Na keal. Wonderful views of the Treshnish isles and Staffa. Our afternoon tea and cake stop and otter number 4. Our 5th otter was on the islands where the white tailed eagles were, rolling and sliding around on the seaweed. he gave us a good show. the common seals were lolling around on the rocks reminding me of the name given by a young guest last summer rock sausage. Last stop and a golden eagle flying over the hilltop. An excellent day Jacqui