Monday 7th August

What a lovely day, the weather was kind. Not too hot and a bit of a breeze. perfect for wildlife watching. Our day started with common seals, grey heron, hooded crows and oystercatchers. Next stop, lots of waders with dunlin, ringed plover , curlew and oystercatcher. White tailed eagle in the tree. Common terns and common gulls. Eider ducks and red breasted merganser. Very quiet at our cuppa stop but a cheeky blue tit kept us amused with its acrobatics in the tree. Into the hills and ravens spotted on the hill. while checking them outa white tailed eagle was spotted on the hillside on a rock. The eagle was clearly looking for an easy meal. Kestral and peregrine over the hills. Peregrine in a tree was fantastic. thanks to Brian for pointing it out. A good lunch break with an otter across the bay. as we watched it came much closer giving us a good view of it munching with a hopefull hooded crow on guard. Golden eagle in the distance. this was a fantastic spot from our young guest from the back seat. We headed towards it and had wonderful views of two as they lifted on the thermal. golden in the sun. Telling the story of evil spirits and caves when I looked up and a blck cow was clearly listening to me. it was watching intently. It even looked when I pointed out the islands. So funny. The sun kept shining and we ended our day feeling content. Jacqui