Monday 5th June

Well it has to be a short eared and male hen harrier day today. lots of highlights for us. The white tailed eagles were both in the tree above the nest. little white head showing of the chick. Terns flying, seals lolling around. Short eared owls flying at our next stop, then sitting on the post giving us chance to look properly at them. Loch spelve came up trumps for us with two black throated divers. gorgeous Golden eagles and short eared owls in the glen. red deer in the hills, Lunch and otters, mum and cub today. Rolling around and playing. they entertained us for some time then came up onto the rocks and swam across the bay. a male otter swam across independently and rolled around on the top of an island. the two swam past him and he followed. then joined the two. Heading back and our walk. bit drizzly but lovely. Male hen harrier across the hillside.Lots of warblers and newts in the puddles. heading back we saw more male hen harriers, a distant white tailed eagle Good day Jacqui