Monday 27th June

I just want to start my tour tales today with a thank you to anyone who is reading and hopefully enjoying them. Todays tour was a challenge, the cold wind and heavy showers did hamper our wildlife watching. it definitely didnt dampen spirits. With a lovely calm first stop on Aros bay we watched common seals, mute swans, oyster catchers and curlew. Oh and the crowus plasticas a rare breed of bird permanently perched on one of the boats. Carrying on past a standing stone,and a ring dyke which is the shell of an extinct volcano. over the very old bridge and on to look for the golden eagles . we waited some time hopeful after having been told we had just missed them.The chick was showing a little, hiding in the aerie from the wind. however no adults showed so we went on to look for otters. On the way we passed lots of greylag geese, a black guillemot and loads of common sandpiper. a lapwing flew close showing off its glorious green feathers. struggling for otters in the big waves we carried on through cliffs and under moody skies. A brief otter, ravens, buzzards and lunch. good job we had hot homemade soup . Ben more was covered in cloud as we passed below. then up into the mountains and golden eagles. and what a great show, the adult carrying bits of twigs to the nest, the juvenile popping up and calling from its nest. the adult landed and we had a good look at ts golden head and feathers. fantastic. why does wildlife always come out when you have a nice hot brew and a piece of cake in hand? trying to watch and not spill is difficult. worth it though. Our last stop and the rain came in. white tailed eagle on a nest flapping wings. the adults seemed to be at the back of the trees as a gull kept mobbing something. a lovely rainbow finished our day off. P1080333