Monday 25th June

A very close red deer today as it jumped in front of the minibus. Luckily I managed to stop in time. and a brilliant view of the stag. A lovely male hen harrier and  golden eagles over hills. and close views of the Golden eagles near the eerie. Landing on the hill so we could enjoy watching them . A day for close encounters as we watched an otter on seaweed rolling around and cleaning its fur. Lots of curlew. curlew, Another good otter sighting which we watched for a long tine as it worked through the seaweed. Unfortunately it was disturbed by someone shouting close by and off it went.otter near seat disturbed by car. The end of the day came far too soon. Our last stop was just as good with fishing white tailed eagles and more golden eagles. Just as we were driving back to Salen a hedgehog was wandering across the road. unusual in the day. I moved it to the safe woodland. an excellent day for wildlife. jacqui