Monday 24th July Eagles galore.

Another very warm day, with a slight wind. Our first stop gave us common seals, curlew and lots of greylag geese. Our day continued with a white tailed eagle in a tree, common seals, Eider duck and common gulls. common and arctic terns. Red deer all over the hills and great views of a white tailed eagle over the hill top. Two golden eagles sitting high on the hill, one flew showing the lovely bow shape. Lunch and mum and two cubs in the sea, playing and hunting. they came onto shore and back in. they gave us a good show as they moved across the bay. Another white tailed eagle and three buzzards as we looked at the island to the west. Our cuppa spot and two more white tailed eagles on the island, we waited for the tide to move them off. They did but only to the next island. still good to see them fly. We had a very good day, as always it flew by. Jacqui