Monday 22nd August

Starting our tour with a few common seals and an otter.the otter was swimming very quickly towards the shore.we lost as it got close to the edge of the sea. A very big tide today, The seals were hanging on to any rocks that were still dry. Our next stop and two of my guests disappeared into the undergrowth. They had gone looking for a geocashe  site. If you havent heard of this I have copied a this information from a website.  A geocacher will see a listing about the geocache, enter the coordinates into their GPS receiver and go in search of it. When they find it, the finder may take something from the geocache and leave something in return, and for posterity, enter a log in the logbook. If you take something, leave something of equal or greater value in return also leave the geocache as you found it (hidden of course). Well there is always something new to discover and enjoy on Mull.The guys found a couple more as we stopped to look for Mulls wildlife. good combination. Our day continued with improving weather. a white tailed eagle sitting on a branch. and one flying.Buzzards everywhere. red breasted merganser fishing in a line across the bay.We were watched over by a curious lamb while we had lunch. Red deer in the hills and a couple of distant golden eagles flying, enjoying the sun. Late afternoon and a lovely female hen harrier sitting on a rock. in the sun. more common seals lounging around with their pups. Last stop and a white tailed eagle in the tree, then another joined it. perfect end to a lovely day. P1090523