Monday 19th June

Very drizzly this morning, low cloud and the minibus had the faint aroma of sheep droppings from the day before. I set to work cleaning the bus ready for the day and the clouds started to lift. Sweet smelling I set of to collect my guests for the tour. Lots to see today, I have picked some of the highlights. Our first few stops were good. Common terns close by, common seals, ringed plover. White tailed eagle on the nest and red deer on the hill. Short eared owls flying and sitting on posts. Quick stop before our walk gave us male and female hen harrier. our walk was lovely, willow warblers playing hide and seek, golden eagle over the distant hill and red deer. Tree pipit and whitethroat. common newts and loads of wildflowers. Lunch stop and mum and cub otter playing in the water, on the island and eating fish. white tailed eagles over the hill and a close male hen harrier. common sandpiper and curlew, red breasted merganser. The day was going quickly so we headed back slowly. black guillemot, Kestrel and a golden eagle on the way. last stop and the golden eagle nest. We were treated to a flight as the golden eagle flew across the hillside and into the sky.