Monday 15th August

Friends joined me on the tour today, and a very good day it was. Highlights included We saw a white tailed eagle in a tree and it flew almost immediately! ¬†away from us. lots to see though with eider ducks, common seals,common gulls, terns and gannets. We stopped on Salen bay to scan and a white tailed eagle flew over us. Fallow deer on route to our next stop. More common seals as we drove along the loch shore. And two white tailed eagles flying above the trees. Kestrels flying close. Good stop next with an otter swimming and coming on shore, a bit distant but easy to see in the telescope. Coming towards the end of the day and a lovely male hen harrier and close red deer. super spot from one of my guests of a sparrowhawk in a tree low and next to the road. Last stop and you have to smile. a white tailed eagle chick laying full length on a small mound sunning its self. Is this where spread eagled comes from? Young goldfinches feeding on thistles and stone chats everywhere around us. P1090435