Monday 14th May

With the forecast in mind we headed for good places to see the eagles and hen harrier. First stop and two otters, waders and common seals. A quick scan of the bay and two otters in the distance. one came on to shore across the bay from us. telescopes were very handy as we could watch him eating and rolling around on the sea weed. Our next stop for coffee and red deer on the hills, a juvenile white tailed eagle came over the top of us . we watched as it headed behind the trees. An adult flew over and chased the juvenile off. great stuff while trying to have a drink and a biscuit. A brief view of a hen harrier over the hill. Very windy in the hills so we didnt delay but carried on to get some shelter. A great spot from behind and a golden eagle flying across the glen. The weather was closing in, the golden eagle was lying low on the nest. Down out of the hills for lunch, great northern diver and a red throated diver. Our afternoon continued with the wind and rain closing in. Didn`t stop the otters though. Afternoon tea break and two otters feeding off shore. one came quite close and ran across the shore near us. brilliant. The best was our last stop as it was on top of a rock rolling around. great to see. Jacqui