Monday 10th April

Another eagle day today, with two white tailed eagles on nests. a real treat of at least 7 eagles in the sky together all interacting. 5 were white tailed. Couldnt see any white tails so they were all juveniles. Two of them were Golden eagles. We watched for ages absolutely brilliant. We had a great day with a male hen harrier, red deer, common seals,kestrel, guillemot, Razorbill, ¬†white tailed eagles on their nest. The closer white tailed eagle showed up really well popping its head up from its huge nest as though it was watching us. On the last few stops now and our coffee and cake was interrupted by a calling white tailed eagle overhead being chased by a buzzard. brilliant. Last stop and golden eagle flying from the nest site, the other was sat on the nest. Another great day.