May the 1st

Well we certainly started May with a bang, What a great day today for wildlife.

We started with a white tailed eagle family, two chicks on the nest and parents in the trees nearby. A lovely song thrush singing in the top of the tree.

Off to look for Hen Harrier and boy did we find them. We spotted a male crossing over the road carrying prey. we watched as he flew across and the female came in and we got the food pass. fantastic.

Next stop and a juvenile golden eagle landed on the hillside so we got the telescopes on it. then another flew towards us and was mobbed by a male hen harrier.

On a roll now and we managed to time it perfectly for the golden eagle change over from the nest. gorgeous in the sun.

Lunch and mum and two cubs all in a bundle. a little distant but great to watch.

A little quieter in the afternoon but a lovely sunny day and lots of little birds such as skylark, wheatear, rock and meadow pipit. Lots of lovely primrose and the Bluebells are out in force.

Other highlights of the day Red throated diver, black guillemot, razor bills, lesser blacked back gulls, and cuckoo. Red deer, Common and Atlantic grey seals.