Mirror Mirror!!

I really have to pinch myself sometimes when I come home and go through all the wildlife I have seen during the day. Not all the big stuff, although its always a pleasure to watch the white tailed and golden eagles. we had some very good sightings of white tailed eagles. a shout from the back as we were driving to our cuppa stop. so we pulled off the road to watch. very close white tailed eagle. also a female hen harrier flying back to its nest site. Two golden eagles put in an appearance over the hill. So much going on we stayed put for our drinks. Our day continued with cuckoos all around, meadow pipits, buzzards and red deer. Lunch with the hope of an otter. non there but we were treated to great northern divers and red breasted merganser. We headed around the bay and an otter spotted fishing the river. we watched for a while as he worked his way to the big bay. The a movement across the otherside of the bay. mum and two well grown cubs. what a treat they spent ages swimming, playing eating. fantastic. I mentioned the little birds earlier, (smaller than eagles) we saw a great number of them with meadow pipits, redshank on a post, curlew, ringed plover,curlew, snipe calling, willow warbler,robins, hooded crow, common gull and greater black backed gull and so many more. Oh yes and the peacock who was admiring himself Cuckoo calling and we spotted it flying towards us. being chased by a poor meadow pipit. probably trying to keep it from its nest. Wonderful, Jacqui¬†