In like a Lion, mmm.S a wet and windy start to the month with disruption to the ferries and few visitors. 

Although the weather was wet the scenary is sill gorgeous. We had friends staying so we took days off to be with them, lots of great wildlife with Hen harriers, eagles, otters and sunshine between the rain.


Then it hit us, the Coronavirus. From nowhere. I am not going to dwell on this as I am sure everyone is hearing it daily. If you wish to keep up with Mulls news there is lots of information on facebook, Mull help and information. With Mull health doing a great job of keeping everyone up to date. 

We just want to say a huge thank you to those who have rebooked for either later in the year or next year. Also the huge amounts of good wishes coming our way. The emails have been lovely and some from guests we have not met before but feel we know them already. We are missing our guests and look forward to seeing everyone in the future. Mull will be waiting for you, both regular and new.

Finding time on our hands has taken a wee bit of getting used to. Mike is catching up on the job list, we have both been decorating. We are in danger of finishing our house improvements. 

I now have my studio at the bottom of the garden, its been some years since I used a spinning wheel but Mike bought me one last year and I now have the space to put it. I plan to use plants to dye the wool and make rugs. I also do silk painting, scarves and wall hangings. quite exited about getting some done. 

Mike has a lathe and he is woodturning. Its a fairly new venture for him but he is great at it and we have some gorgeous bowls around the house. The only trouble is the firewood is dissapearing to his shed!

Enough of us. Wildife is busy. We are not going far and really missing not seeing wildlife at our regular stops. But even locally we are seeing White tailed Sea Eagles, Golden Eagles and a wealth of birds. Skylark singing which is always a sign spring is in the air. Lots of Pipits around, Meadow and Rock doing their parachute drop. We always look forward to the Wheatear returning from Africa to breed here. Incredible journey and a sure sign spring is here.

We are seeing less of the Teal, Golden eye and widgeon now as they head away to breed. Shell duck are around and quite a few Red Breasted Merganser. Gooseander also.

We have been hearing owls at night, Tawny, Barn and a long eared one night. The red deer are eating our hedge in the field behind the garden. we stand at the back door listening to the munching.

And the frogs, they are brilliant. we have a small pond which is crammed with them. The noise at night and sometimes in the day is fabulous. We now have frogspawn so watching it daily. 

The otters have been absent. its pretty obvious thet they are on a frog diet at the moment and why not. if the food is on your doorstep why bother to fish. Still seeing them on occasion just going about their business. 

We get out for walks, Misty the dog gives us pathetic looks untill we take her. We tend to head up into the hills off the road so we are away from everyone. We dont need to go far, and we are in wild country with Nature all around. very lucky to have this on our doorstep.