Loch Buie walk

A gorgeous day today, sunshine , snow on the hills and a day for a walk. Mike, Misty and I headed off to loch Buie. Just set off and an otter was spotted. We stopped and spent some time watching it quite close to the shore. Heading off relishing the warm sun pouring through the windows. Loads of snow on the mainland hills. We walked towards Laggan sands passing Moy castle on the way. fallow deer across the fields didnt seem to mind us. Redwing, mistle thrushes and blackbirds with a black bill showing they are from the continent. p111082220161120_150056 Buzzards flying close by, Golden eagle over the hills. our lunch stop had us watching great northern divers and ringed plover flying in with a redshank in tow. A male hen harrier flew past us and Ravens calling. We carried on walking around the far shore and a snipe scared me as it flew up next to me. Looking up there were several wild goats watching us. Looking out to sea there were huge splashes, bottle nosed dolphins in the distance. Tempting to stay but we were consious of the daylight going we headed back. High pitched calls from the trees of at least three goldcrest flitting about. The sunset was lovely as we arrived back at the bus. 20161120_155214 Driving home through the woods and woodcock were popping up from the sides of the road.