July, a good month

With changing weather, the days have been interesting. Even on a wet day there is still lots to see. 

A very wet start to the month but stunning waterfalls. We took a North run and Ease Force was fantastic, pounding water running into the sea. 

As the rain cleared we had gorgeous views over the hills and clear out to sea. 

Eagle chicks, as big as their parents dancing on branches as they try out wings. Lots of goslings around and eider ducklings. 

Seal pups all over the rocks off shore, Otters a little more secretive as it is a busy month for people. Saying that there are always quiet places to go and enjoy.

The wildflowers have been so lovely this year. Lots of different orchids, birds foot trefoil, sundew and insect eating plant and the lovely pink foxgloves all over the areas where timber has been cleared.

A couple of days out with family including the brilliant day with Mull Charters. a great experience.

Quite a few tour days where we saw crossbill, these lovely birds calling in the tree tops. always make you smile.

Hen Harrier around the nest areas and Red deer with calves. The stags growing their new antlers are up on the ridges keeping the flies at bay. 

Mike and I have taken a few family groups out, Its always great to see the children amazed at the size of the eagles.

As we slide towards August the grasses are ripening, lots of lovely meadows with a great mix of plants in them.