Into May

April went by so very quickly, I did take a couple of tours out but Mike and I were taken ill with a horrible bug. It laid us low for a few weeks. Sadly my mum passed away following a short illness. Some of you may have met her she was a very switched on lady for 92 years old. Moving into May and the weather has been very mixed. we know summer is on the way as the rain is warmer. Mull is becoming green and the daffodils are gorgeous. The gorse flowers all year but it is particularly beautiful at the moment with its  scent of coconut. The wildlife is busy pairing up and nesting birds everywhere. we are starting to get our summer visitors. Cuckoo, wheatear and common sandpiper are everywhere.  Our birdfeeders are full of  siskins and redpol. This is also the time where we loose our wintering birds such as teal and widgeon. Lots of tours booked this month. I am looking forward to being out there amongst the wildlife and elements. Jacqui