Into July

As the Island opens up for visitors we are looking forward to starting a very delayed season. The last month has been quite different for us with no tours or self catering running. Mike has been doing more gardening so I have been helping him, getting fit and suntaned.

We have just made a very difficult decision regarding the tours. For at least July and August we wont be running them. Its a real shame and we will miss taking our guests out but we feel the risk is too high. We would need to put adequate screening in to keep everyone safe. This would restrict the tour not allowing us to give the interactive experience we would like. Its still a difficult time for everyone 

Our garden is lovely Mike as spent some hours in it and now we have been here a while the plants are really looking great. Our roses are out and we have so many baby birds including 2 red spotted woodpecker chicks. We smile as the chicks feed on their own then dad gives them food as they beg. 

Mixed weather but on the whole it has been good for chicks, mainly warm and sunny. Otters around fishing, lots of chicks around Loch na Keal shores such as Oyster catchers, Wheatear, Lapwing, and pipits. Quiet roads allow the deer to come close.