Half day private tour

The challenge was on to find otters, red deer and both White Tailed and Golden eagle within 4 hours. Well, first stop I managed to find a white tailed eagle on a branch, I put the telescope on it and set the other telescope so all could see. Then one of my guests said do you realise you have two different birds. I had without realising it put a scope on each bird! Anyway a great start to the challenge. phew. We enjoyed lunch by Ace Force waterfall and watched the seals on the rocks. Red deer around in the hills. Looking for golden eagles and otters. The otters turned up for us and we enjoyed watching mum and cub. Spotting the boat from Mull Charters we took advantage to watch as the white tailed eagles flew right over us to go for their fish. Fantastic view. and finally a golden eagle over distant hills. Challenge done we headed back to base Jacqui