Friday September the 1st

Well what a start to the new month. Sunshine and warm. A rare sight in August. Our tour today started with Common seals, a common guillemot, and buzzards overhead. Next stop was very busy. Two white tailed eagles on the shore. two golden over the distant hill. We mover to our next stop for a drink and two otters on the rocks.lovely watching them rolling around on the seaweed. Common seals, herons, and gannets diving. Another white tailed eagle further on our route, a juvenile being hassled by hooded crows. it clearly had some food in its talons. On route to our lunch stop, raven, Eider, goosander, linnets, meadow pipits and stone chat. lots of swallows and sand martins around with some house martins. Lunch and red deer on the hills, a distant white tailed eagle. Steady drive around the loch. ringed plover, merlin and kestrel. curlew and hooded crows. Into the hills and a golden eagle flying and one sitting on the hill. more red deer stags. Our last stop and a brief view of a female hen harrier the a male, stunning. a white tailed eagle was joined by another and a golden also made an appearance. common seals on the rocks. hot drinks and home made cake. a very good end to our day. Jacqui