Friday June 16th

Boy did it drizzle, Just as I collected my first guests the rain started, shame as the stunning views of mountains and the sea lochs were not at their best. This didnt dampen spirits though and everyone on board were out to have a good day. Quiet at our first stop but there was a young stag with new antlers in velvet. he watched us watching him. Moving on and common seals, buzzard and lots of greylag geese with goslings. The hills were shrouded in mist, still very beautiful  and wild. Ben More was nowhere to be seen. Dropping down from the mountains a female hen harrier flew across in front of us. she treated us to a long flight as she hunted the fields. Red shank, red breasted merganser, curlew and stone chat were just some of the birds we saw on the way to lunch. Soup to warm us and an otter out in the bay, fishing. e all kept quiet and the otter came very close to us. we watched as it moved away, then another came by. they both met up and ran around on the rocks. another in the distance, very brief. Onwards and still the rain came down. Heading slowly back one of my guests spotted another otter on the islands.lots of common seals and black guillemots. Last stop and a white tailed eagle above the nest the other was visible on the nest tending her chick. Aaaaaand the sun came out. Yippee A rather good day out. Jacqui