Friday 7th October

Seals, Curlew, common gull, lots of ringed plover and red throated diver. A good start to our day. The wind was cool and the cloud followed us all day but it was dry. We did see a brief view of a white tailed eagle taunting us. Guessing where it may be going we moved our viewing place. It worked, great view of an adult and a Juvenile. the adult sat on a mound for a long time. Canada geese, teal, curlew and a large flock of mixed thrushes. Our day continued with Close red deer hinds and a very large stag, he looked a bit tiered from defending his ladies. The starlings made us smile covering the telegraph pole. Female hen harrier, a lovely otter fast asleep very close. He rolled over and stood up before curling up again for another snooze. Big thanks to the tip off from the people passing by. Also lovely to see teal, greenshank, golden plover, dunlin and little grebe. We struggled with golden eagle, the wind was very strong in the hills. We did manage a brief view at the end of the day. p1100800p1100812 p1100826p1100814