Friday 5th April

Today turned out to be a very good eagle and otter day ,

Cold and windy but not as cold as Thursday. We had a very good morning as we saw a white tailed sea Eagle on the nest and a juvenile in the tree. one of my very sharp eyed guests spotted it. Red deer all around.

The hills were gorgeous with the sun on them. Lovely sight of a juvenile male hen harrier and a brief golden eagle over the mountain. it landed but we struggled to see it.

It shows patience and waiting is worth it as we watched for golden eagles near their aerie. Nothing for a while then a distant eagle spotted . We watched as it made its way across towards us and flew in front of us to the nest. brilliant.

lunch stop was just as good. We pulled off the road and scanned across the bay. an otter and cub curled up in the seaweed. They moved and we saw another cub. We enjoyed watching them for some time, what a lovely lunch break.

More Eagles and a red deer stag, wheatear, stone chat and common seals added to our day. a great spot from the back of an otter near the shore. We watched it fishing away off shore and again coming in to eat.

Lunch break was good for otters but afternoon cuppa was even better. mum and cub otter. we watched them feeding and rolling, the cub calling for mum when she went fishing. we were all behind rocks and very quiet. They just went about their business completely undisturbed giving us a real treat.

Gooseander, red breasted merganser and lots of great Northern divers. wildlife everywhere today. Jacqui