Friday 29th July (its behind you)

On the road to our walk and red deer in the field. Then Golden eagle flying over the mountain while on our walk. Lots of dragon and damselflies in the sun. Back to the bus and off in search of otters on the loch. First stop and non showing, next stop and we spent some time looking. As we hadnt seen any sign of the otters I started to explain about and their habits and way of life. One of my guests said there is one on the rock behind you. Brilliant. The otter treated us to a roll around and running over the rocks. The young lady on the tour was busy doing her spotters challenge, the list getting ticked off at each stop. Including white tailed eagle,golden eagle,heron,curlew, hooded crow, virtual badger, butterfly and sheep. A run over to the forest for lunch and a hope of white tailed eagles. Non appeared so fed and watered we headed off to see what else  was out there. Lots of grey herons later we headed for the hills and the young eagle was sitting right on the edge of the nest. I felt quite emotional as I know this gorgeous bird is just about to take off and live its life. Being just a small part of its growing up has been wonderful. You can just see it on the right of the cave in the photograph beak open calling for its parents. Next to last stop, where does the day disappear to? Buzzards up high and calling then two adult white tailed eagles flew above the hill showing their lovely colours in the sun. The flew left and I guessed where they may be going so we set off for our last stop and fingers crossed. There it is, in the top of the tree, fantastic. it came to the front of the branch and it looked like it was floating in the air. We were also treated to a very brief flight of the chick, now fledged and trying its wings. What a day Jacqui P1080957 P1080962 P1080939 P1080940