Friday 25th May

The tour today was a boot and bus. Glorious weather with a refreshing breeze. We decided to do the walk in the afternoon so we took our time to Croggan. Two white tailed eagles started our day. Up in the trees. A brief flight showed up their great wings. Common seals, turns, a ringed plover and common gulls. Cuppa with warblers, cuckoo calling and red deer. a very distant hen harrier. Our next stop and a female hen harrier just disappeared over the hill as we watched. we waited a while hoping for a return but no sign. A lovely run through the woods and golden eagles over the hill. distant white tailed eagles. Lapwing and lots of geese and goslings and a snipe. Common seals on the island. Lunch before the walk in the sunshine while we watched the sea. Black guillimots and red breasted merganser. Lots of woodland birds and we walked to the headland through birch and oak woods. Willow warbler, chaffinch, blue tit, wren and robin all busy calling and showing off their fine feathers for spring. A small natural pond was full of tadpoles , pond skaters, and common newts. brilliant to see. Feral goats over the other side of the loch on the shore. the beach and turquoise sea was very inviting and at least one of my guests had a paddle. Time to head back and just as we were nearing the corner a golden eagle flew over head quite low. fantastic to see all its gorgeous golden colours with the sun on the feathers. A fly by of Eider ducks which I missed as I was peering through the scope. More eagles and buzzards on the way back, and the eiders had landed just off shore. I managed to see them this time. Our golden eagles were over the hill again. in fact one was sitting on the top. A couple more stops on the way back to look for otters. Possible one out on the islands but the heat haze was too strong to be certain. We actually had the air conditioning on in the minibus. Summer is here. Jacqui