Friday 23rd September

Out on out tour again after a few days off.  What a great day we had. Our first couple of stops were very good, highlights of Gooseander, Curlew, Oystercatcher, mallard, pheasant and the star was a common scoter. A lovely otter fishing very well, little grebe and common seals. Coffee and white tailed eagles is always a good combination. Red throated diver, common gull, ringed plover and a couple of swallows. The forecast was for rain later in the day so we headed of to look for hen harrier.We were treated to two, one came quite close so we had the pleasure of seeing its lovely markings and distinctive white band across the tail. Red deer hinds enjoying the sun. The weather started to change but we had enough time to see a brief view of a golden eagle. Ben More, red deer stags, two kestrels as well hovering overhead. in fact we had lots of good sightings of kestrel today. A quick glimpse of a white tails as I was turning the bus round. sadly it had gone before the others saw it. It was real honest!! On route to our next stop two buzzards very close hovering looking for food. Otter number 2 very close, it was raining hard so we stayed in the bus. so we kept dry and didnt disturb the otter. It was fishing and eating fairly close to shore. then two young common seals pestered it and it came on shore. what a treat. we saw it running around the shoreline clearly fed up with the seals. We spent some time enjoying watching the otter as it kept close to shore away from the seals. Cuppa and cake over we headed for home. our last stop watching a very windswept sea and otter number 3. fishing off shore. what a great day. p1100286