Friday 19th April

So much to see today, Eagles in the morning Otters in the afternoon

Our day was off to a good start, Great northern divers, Common seals, common sandpiper in for the summer,

Common Gulls, ringed plover and curlew. followed by two White tailed Sea Eagles at the nest. Hen Harriers sky dancing and more seals red deer and Golden eagles all before Lunch. Kestrel and buzzard, willow warblers everywhere.

Our Afternoon was a little quiet for birds as the day was very warm. We did see more Hen harriers and a Juvenile Golden eagle flew right by us. A grasshopper warbler singing in the tree but we couldnt see it.

Otter on the island but a quick glimpse, my guests didnt get a chance to see it as it disappeared as otters can do. The next otter was very close, next to the shore, we enjoyed watching it as it went fishing off shore.

Our final stop and a lovely view of a Slavonian grebe. Looking full of colour in its breeding plumage.

Other highlights of the day, Goosander, Red breasted merganser, Eider ducks and Fallow deer helped to make it a lovely day.