Friday 16th September

Last tour of the week as we are taking a few days off. ¬†Great day with lovely weather and lots to see. Highlights for our day, an otter first seen at distance so we mover to a closer place to watch it. very busy fishing giving us time to have a good look. Lovely red throated divers still showing their breeding colours and a great northern diver.   Surprise of the day has to be an osprey. we were looking at the white tailed eagles across the bay when one of the guests shouted,whats that. Fantastic the osprey flew right overhead. to close to get a good photograph. Lots of red deer, stags in the hills and hinds in the lower fields. We are just starting to hear the stags roaring, its that time of year. High in the glen and great views of golden eagles, flying high and some displaying as they pair matched each other in flight. lovely. kestrel and peregrine in the mountains as well. White tailed eagle flying over the sea and hen harriers doing battle with a buzzard.   Lots of waders around now, ringed plover, golden plover, dunlin, green shank, red shank and curlew. Common seals, with their half grown pups. The atlantic grey seals are further out and we only see the occasional one. they are starting to have their pups now. one of the first has been seen on the Cairns of Coll. The sheep are being gatheredin and the leaves are turning, Autumn is my favourite time of year. p1100140 p1100145