Friday 10th June

Bit of mist didn’t stop play. Our first stop of the day gave us ringed plover, arctic terns very close, common seals calling a haunting sound in the mist, common gull and eider ducks. not a bad start to our day. Moving on for our cuppa and ¬†biscuit in hand while looking at a golden eagle chick in the nest. Lots of greylag geese with goslings wandering around. seeing an otter at distance we moved to get a better view. well worth it as we watched it working its way across the bay eating and fishing. Lunch saw us on Loch Scridain and that yellowhammer again. watching a heron fishing. moving on our next stop was very fruitful. A male hen harrier that put up 6 or more snipe. a whinchat put in a brief appearance and meadow pipits parachuted from the sky. Curlew calling, pied wagtail walking near us and a few million midges. mmmm Golden eagle at the edge of its nest gave everyone a good look as it sat long enough for all to see. Final stop of the day and two white tailed eagle sitting in a tree. now all we need is for them to fly I said. they did, giving all of us a good chance to watch these huge birds take off and fly away. P1080040-002