Family week

We have had a lovely week with¬†family up to see us. The weather was very interesting, from sun to snow. Still lots of wildlife to see and close. Highlights of the week apart from the girls Grandchildren) went fully clothed in the sea at Calgary. I managed a paddle, must be getting old! used to be in straight away. A day out to Carsaig was really lovely, the girls were in the sea again and a couple of white tailed eagles flew over very close. Maybe checking them out for food. A golden eagle over the hill and common seals in the bay watching the girls. More white tailed eagles as we left Carsaig, could have been the same although there was an extra one. Otters on the way home rolling around on the rocks. We have had a great week for eagles and otters. Yesterday was lovely and calm on loch na Keal, golden plover, ringed plover dunlin and shellduck. were amongst the lines of waders on the shore. Golden eagle and white tailed eagle rounded off our day