Family time,

We are already through August and it was a family month as we had Our Children partners and Grandchildren staying over 2 seperate weeks. We had a lovely time taking walks, playing on beaches, including a swim, and boat trips.

We have a small shared boat and have managed some lovely days out both fishing and just enjoying the stunning views. One trip gave us Bottle nosed dolphin jumping alongside of us, fantastic. 

A couple of trips out with Turus Mara were full of wildlfe, Minke whales, Common Dolphin, Basking shark and Bottle nosed Dolphin. Common and Atlantic seals and sea birds such as Gannet, Fulmer and skua. 

The only road block here was the sheep being moved down the road, we were happy to stop and watch as the dogs did their work bringing them down the hill.

We have decided to not take tours for the remainder of this year. The cottages are busy and we are focusing on them. Its a shame but times are different just now. We are enjoying spending time wildlife watching and have seen great views of Golden and white tailed eagles, Hen Harrier and Red deer. Watching Otters  fishing and grooming on the rocks is just lovely, our younger grandchildren aged 5, 4 and 9 and 10 were brilliant at hiding and keeping quiet while the otter swam past. Future wildlife tour leaders?