Enjoy Mull crafts

Enjoy Mull crafts is a small and developing part of our business.

All the silk products are hand painted which make each item unique. I often use natural dyes for the base colour then over paint with silk inks. The natural dyes can be subtle or vibrant  from a range of berries from our garden and  specially grown or common plants such as ragwort. 

Please go to Isle 20 for our range of silk products which include cushion covers, scarves and ties. its easy to order and pay online and supports our Island community.

I am always happy to discuss ideas and suggestions or special requests. Please get in touch with Jacqui through our contact form or telephone number below. 

Why silk painting?

Its an area of crafts I have done for many years and now I am in a position to spend more time doing my painting. Mull is a perfect place for inspiration with changing light and colours. 

Phone: 01680300162 | 07748678630

Email: info@enjoymull.co.uk