End of July

I cant belive how quickly July has passed by. We have had an exeptionaly wet month. Wildlife highlights; Mum and two young cubs. they were keeping her very busy, squeeking for attantion. poor mumwas trying to heard them with her. Eagle chicks fledging. we are still seeing them around the nests. good to see them healthy and rering to go. Red throated divers back from breeding in the hill lochs.still in full breeding plumage. Missing the call of the warblers, now sneeking around in the bushes. Common sand piper and wheatear are moving on. you suddenly realise they ae not around as much. The adult cuckoos are all gone. Skylarks and snip are quiet. resting after breeding. I havent seen a skylark for a xouple of weeks. funny how you suddenly realise they have gone. Red deer stags are growing there antlers as the year goes on. getting them ready for the rut in October.Hinds are having their young. As are the common seals. Hen harriers have moved from nesting sites as their chicks have fledged. Heading into August with the hope of better weather.