Easter Monday

A group tour today with a start from their accommodation. Everyone piled in and we drove 2 minutes down the road to look at the white tailed eagle on its nest. A pretty good start to our day. This was our last chance for a while to take the Loch na Keal road as the bridge is closed for a few weeks. We stopped to look for the golden eagles, one just showing in the nest and one flying. Wont be long before the leaves come out and the nest disappeared behind them. Sand martins flying past and rock pipit feeding on the shore, skylarks singing high in the sky. lovely We pulled in to look for otters and spotted two, mum and cub swimming to shore. they entertained us for some time. We were so enchanted with the otters it took us a while to notice the two white tailed eagles on the island. Sitting amongst the seals they looked huge. Stopping to look at the Treshnish islands we spotted two more otters swimming and fishing below us. We had a great day including peregrine falcon, kestrel, more white tailed eagles and golden eagles.  A male hen harrier sky dancing was fantastic. Red deer in the hills, some of the stags are now without antlers. they will be growing new ones ready for the rut in the Autumn. The new antlers are covered in a soft furry coat called velvet. Our walk took us on a forest track, passing puddles full of tadpoles and newts. Oh and I forgot to mention, the sun shone all day. Jacqui