Eagle day

Thursday 5/5.boot and bus tour. We had sunshine all day today, would have been really warm without the high winds. Saying that we had the wonderful sight of a sky dancing female hen harrier. It seemed to be just enjoying the day swooping up and down using the elements. We also watched a female hen harrier on a rock giving us chance to really look at the lovely markings. Its hard to decide between the male hen harrier with its pale colour and black wing tips or the female with its beautiful markings is the more attractive. I guess we don`t have to choose, just enjoy. Our walk took us into the forest where it was  sheltered from the wind. Willow warblers seemed to surround us singing from the trees. Small puddles on the track were full of tadpoles, pond skaters and 1 frog. A flock of golden plover were lovely to see with the sun highlighting their feathers against an aqua marine background of the sea. We enjoyed great, close views of golden eagles in the mountains while we were having coffee. More golden eagles later in the day, flying across the hillside then soaring high with acrobatic displays above us. We watched white tailed eagles, the female tending her chicks and the male in attendance then flying  off giving us a good display of the white tail and wingspan. As always Mulls stunning landscape changes with the light and it was a very good eagle day.