Eagle day, October 3rd, Boot and Bus tour.

The first tour of October, what a day. My day started with a gorgeous sunrise and at least 50 ravens overhead. First stop we had common seals and a brief view of a young black guillemot. Our second stop and a scan over the islands gave us two adult white tailed eagles, then another closer juvenile. One of the guests asked what the birds were across to the side island. 5 more young white tailed eagles. Fantastic. Common seals, ringed plover, Curlew, Ravens, common gull and red breasted merganser added to our sightings. Rather a good stopping point. Hen harrier and red deer with a stag all before our walk. It was lovely on the walk, the wind in the trees and the sun on the mountains. A golden eagle made an appearance for us. Lots of small birds flitting in the trees. Hard to see them, we heard robin calling and goldcrest. Lunch in the mountains, very windy so we headed down to the loch shore. An otter spotted swimming of the shore, it then came out onto the small island and we had good views of it rolling around. It mover further back and re appeared with two large cubs. They played about and finally swam off. A steady drive lots of buzzards and kestrels. Then two otters on an island finished a wonderful day. p1100759 p1100763 p1100762