Day off and a sea trip

What a day, the sun shone and we took a day out with our friends. The plan was a slow drive to Ulva ferry and a private boat trip in the afternoon with Mull charters. Mull looked stunning with the sun reflecting on the sea and mountains. Lots of wading birds on the shore and a white tailed eagle in a tree. We stopped to check the hills and to our surprise we started counting white tailed eagles, 8 flying over the hill just enjoying the thermals. fantastic. Just to put the icing on the cake we had a long fly by of a golden eagle. We set off from Ulva ferry and out on to a flat calm sea. What an experience. The geology around the coast was fantastic. Goats, red deer stag and hinds, golden eagle and common seals not a bad start to our day. Heading home the day going far to fast, and porpoise put in an appearance. A brilliant day off. p1100572 p1100606 p1100614