17th September We had a day off today (first for a long, long time) and had a day out with friends on a Sealife Surveys trip to the Isle of Coll and what a grand day out it was. Within ten minutes we were watching a close otter feeding in the kelp, while above the cliffs a golden eagle gave us a great display on how to upset the local buzzards, with a brief glimpse of a white tailed eagle thrown in for good measure .   On we went towards Coll with the sea becoming more interesting (I think the word is lumpy)  and were soon watching gannets feeding with manx shearwaters skimming the now larger waves. Suddenly we spotted a minke whale feeding close by then another was seen, a much smaller one. We think there were three whales in all, one coming towards the boat diving and reappearing  about ten metres behind the stern, we watched them feeding for about an hour before they vanished as fast as they appeared.  Lunch was taken in a lagoon at the Cairns of Coll under the watchful eyes of the local seals some in the water and others perched on rocks looking down on us. As we entered the lagoon a mature white tailed eagle watched our approach from a rocky outcrop before flying back towards Mull, it must have seen the rain coming and decided to head home. The trip back to Mull turned into one of the best fair ground rides I’ve ever  had with the boat moving in every way possible at the same time as we ploughed through the large swells. If you’ve never been to the Cairns of Coll put it on your to do list its stunning….. but go there on a calmer day, unless you like the thrill of a roller coaster ride. mike.